Jesse Stuckey is a seasoned Creative Director based in New England with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry.

His life-long inclinations toward seemingly un-related topics such as the occult, video games, fashion, spirituality, textiles, art and antiques not only served as his well of inspiration- shaping his aesthetic and becoming motifs collaged and interwoven into his daily life and creative works- but also as a bread crumb trail guiding him serendipitously to each new contact, creative project, skill and achievement.

During his early education he discovered a profound passion for photography and graphic design which later led to him becoming self taught in high-end photo retouching, fashion styling, and interior decorating.  With each new skill, he found a thrilling new way to bring his creative ideas to life, fueling his passion even more. 

His versatile business, creative and technical proficiency, coupled with an intuitive, imaginative approach, brings a unique dynamic to any project he undertakes. Be it styling models, artists or musicians for print or screen, crafting brand identities, decorating and visually merchandising spaces or designing web and print media, Jesse's commitment to excellence and collaborative spirit are hallmarks of his work. He is of the belief that the true essence of creativity lies in the fusion of ideas and abilities of like-minded individuals resulting in the creation of beauty that benefits and inspires all who experience it.

Publications featured in:
COOL UK Magazine / PlayHaus Magazine / Saperlipopette Magazine / This Bitch Magazine / Newport Naked Magazine​​​​​​​
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