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Hi, I'm Jesse,

What I do:
I'm a Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, Graphic Designer & Visual Merchandiser based in Rhode Island and greater New England with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry.

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Contact Me:
Want to work together? Contact me at: 

We Should Work Together If:
You value collaboration and working closely together to refine a vision or idea step by step into a beautiful, visually appealing final product. Together, we can craft solutions that not only function seamlessly but also inspire with their elegance and sophistication.

What Inspires Me:
With a lifelong passion for an eclectic array of interests spanning art and antiques, occult spirituality , video games, vintage and designer fashion, film, technology, anime, and textiles, these diverse influences seamlessly collage into both my daily life and creative endeavors shaping my unique aesthetic and serving as a constant wellspring of inspiration. 

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